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Material Resource Managment offers a number of services. Please see below 

Well Site Abandonment 


We are the company to call If you are looking for someone to purchase your used casing or tubing at fair market value. Further to that, if you have used TBI or Yellowband  casing or tubing in your laydown yards we will also make you a fair offer to purchase that. 


 If you are doing any abandonment's please contact us for more details.



MRM utilizes a fleet of third party trucking companies . We can gaurnatee the best rates due to the volume of material we move monthly.

Buy & Sell

Material Resource Management(MRM) has a large inventory of production equipment and surplus material that we own.We work with clients to purchase their surplus assets so they can free up cash. These assets are then offered back out to the industry at fair market value. 

Access and Rig Matting

We buy, sell and rent cross laminated timber(CLT), Bolted access matting and steel frame rig mats. We have 8' x 14' OAK, FIR and HYBRID access mats. We also have 8' x 20' and 8' x 40' steel rig mats. 

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